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The Dunnet Foundation is providing funds for a scholarship for a female student at Doonside High School for 2021. The Harding Miller Education Foundation is an Australian charity that supports high potential but socio-economically disadvantaged girls across Australia through a $20,000 scholarship over 4 years of high school. Our program gives these girls the tools and resources they need to not only complete high school but to reach their potential and build direct pathways to tertiary education. We have awarded 478 scholarships since 2016 across 320+ schools in every state and territory of Australia.

Most of our scholars are significantly disadvantaged, with families who struggle to put food on the table let alone purchase a new computer for a child's education. For some there is no financial access to technology or significantly limited access as they are forced to share with multiple family members. With their own devices and educational tools and resources, these bright, hard-working young women are allowed a level playing field with peers who are more socio-economically advantaged. COVID-19 has identified a significant technology and educational gap in our education system and the need for support for disadvantaged students is great than ever. Here is a message from our ED, Cara Varian discussing the need due to COVID-19 - https://youtu.be/SqXkrDzjeAc

The scholarship includes a high-quality laptop (Toshiba Dynabook) in the first year as well as four years of;

Harding Miller Scholarships

We also have a growing enrichment program for the scholars that involves introducing them to a range of career experiences to broaden their horizons about what is on offer with tertiary education. Some of our partners include Google, NAB, 3M, Mastercard, USYD, UNSW and the University of New England. The operational costs of the scholarship program are not paid by the Harding Miller education Foundation. They are paid through a separate founding corpus by the founders of the program, Kim Harding, and Irene Miller. Due to this arrangement 100% of every donation given to HMEF goes directly to the scholarship recipients.

Every year we collect data on the usage of the tools and resources in the program. We know that as of the end of 2019 we have delivered $1M worth of tutoring and homework help, $450K worth of uniforms, textbooks, and fees, $1.1 M in technology. At the end of 2019, we had delivered 18,932 hours of tutoring through over 30 different tutors across the country, all of these elements enabling inclusion, a level playing field and the chance for these girls to make the most of their education. We are currently in the process of capacity building, enabling us to further expand and measure the impact our scholarships have on disadvantaged girls across Australia.

Harding Miller Scholarships
2019 scholars at Sydney Town Hall

Our website is www.hardingmillereducationfoundation.org.au and here is a video of our 2019 awards night at Sydney Town Hall - https://youtu.be/aQETBJXkrN0 and a video of one of our alumni from 2019, Kawana Crowe - https://youtu.be/anrlMKvdLwM

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